About Us

Introducing Mash Mallow, where the beauty of jewellery meets the bond of sisterhood. Founded by the jewellery wizards, Manya and Shagun, Mash Mallow is a celebration of their shared passion for exquisite jewels and their commitment to making elegance accessible to all.

Mash Mallow? Yeah, that's 'Ma' from Manya and 'Sh' from Shagun, clever, right? They're the dynamic duo behind it all.

At Mash Mallow, we're all about jewellery that's as unique as you are - none of that cookie-cutter stuff! Each piece is like a mini masterpiece, designed to make you shine as bright as a disco ball.

So, if you're looking for jewellery that's as fun as it is fabulous, you're in the right place. Explore our collections, because we believe your jewels should be a reflection of your personality, not just a shiny thing.

Welcome to Mash Mallow - Made With Mad Love!

Meet Our Founders:

Co-Founder & Business Maven


As the driving force behind Mash Mallow, Shagun's business acumen and unwavering dedication ensure that our vision reaches you. Her commitment to making Mash Mallow accessible to all echoes our belief that everyone deserves to shine in their unique way.

Co-Creator & Design Enthusiast


The artistic soul behind Mash Mallow, Manya infuses each design with her creative brilliance. Her keen eye for aesthetics and dedication to detail ensures that every piece resonates with your personal style.

Two sisters, bound by love and a shared dream, Manya and Shagun are more than co-founders – they are the secret sauce that makes our bling-bling sing! With a sprinkle of elegance, a dash of sisterhood, and a whole lot of 'keeping it real,' they've turned Mash Mallow into your Jewellery BFF!!